This is our favorite combination for the Bora Bora ready-to-wear lipgloss whose natural mid-tone, pinkish-brown, mauve, fully embodies the Society Island feel. 


Made with our Natural Vegan Polish for a moisturizing, high-shine look. It's waterproof and made to condition and restore your lips, along with SPF; making it your perfect vacation companion. 


Delisious Lime and Coconut flavor and Citrus fragrance, it smells and tastes Tropical and Fresh. Think sparkly shores and island cocktails, this scent will transport you back to your favorite holiday memory. It'll have you addicted and kissable, even after a long-day in the sun and salt water.

Bora Bora Lip Gloss

  • Dawes Custom Cosmetics are made in the USA with luxurious, lip enhancing ingredients that contain a blend of natural oils and vitamins which will leave your lips looking and feeling healthier. All-natural and cruelty-free; you can feel good about your makeup and shop conscientiously and guilt free.